Celebrating Christmas amid persecution: How persecuted Christians keep their faith alive in difficult times

Unfortunately, there are many Christians in the world who are persecuted and oppressed for reasons of their faith. In some cases, this means that they cannot openly celebrate Christmas or any other important religious holiday.

In certain countries, the government or extremist groups prohibit Christians from practicing their faith freely like in China, Nigeria, Iraq… They can be arrested, imprisoned or even tortured for expressing their love for Jesus. Under these circumstances, it is impossible for persecuted Christians to celebrate Christmas openly, as they could face serious consequences.

But despite these obstacles, many persecuted Christians find ways to celebrate Christmas in secret. Some gather in small clandestine groups to pray and sing Christmas hymns, while others simply hold the celebration in their own home with family and closest friends.

Although these celebrations are less visible and often less elaborate than Christmas celebrations in other parts of the world, they are just as significant for persecuted Christians. Christmas is a time to remember the birth of Jesus and his love for us, and it is a time to give thanks for the faith and hope he gives us. As we have seen, Christians around the world have many difficulties and on these dates they intensify, yet resilience prevails over the harassment they suffer.

For those who can celebrate Christmas freely, it is important to remember the persecuted Christians and pray for them. It is also important to do everything possible to support these communities and work towards a world where everyone can practice their faith freely and without fear. From the SIT we will continue to intensify our actions so that the lives of persecuted Christians improve.

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