Christians fleeing Afghanistan find themselves in an insecure situation

Christians fleeing Afghanistan find themselves in an insecure situation

The power of the Taliban in Afghanistan is a serious setback for the rights of people but above all for that of Christians.

Zabi managed to flee. “In my family we are clandestine Christians,” he says. “A few years ago, the Taliban came and took my father because he was a Christian. For months they tortured him and ended up killing him. Months later, my brother also disappeared and we never heard from him again ”.

When the Taliban took control of the country, Zabi knew that he would have to flee if he wanted to save his life. Zabi is young, educated and a human rights activist – these are all qualities that make her a potential target of the Taliban. Last August, some Christians were able to escape together with the international forces that left the country, but she stayed there. Faced with her death threat, she was forced to take everything she could and escape towards the border.

Although he has managed to get out of Afghanistan, his life has not improved. “The situation is desperate,” she says. “I have money in my bank account, but I cannot access it from here. I have a credit card, but it will expire soon. I may have to go into hiding for my entire life, or I may end up being deported to Afghanistan. They would probably kill me there. “

Zari’s situation is very common among Christians who fled Afghanistan, so it is important that they receive the necessary support to start a new life. From the SIT we work to provide all the necessary help to Christians who suffer this type of harassment and persecution.