Christians in Iraq show solidarity with the situation of Christians in Afghanistan

Christians in Iraq show solidarity with the situation of Christians in Afghanistan

We interviewed Sister Silvia in Iraq to tell us about the situation there and what is happening in Afghanistan.

Profile of the interviewee

Name and surname: Silvia Gulla

Religious community of which it is part: religious sister of the Dominican Sisters of Santa Caterina in Iraq.

Work and project of which she is part: Vice-president of the Al_Tahira High School of Our Dominican Lady of Iraq_Nineveh_Qaraqosh.


1. How is the situation in Iraq?

A: The situation is somewhat calmer compared to 2014. But the situation in general is not good.

2. After the Daesh terror, many have tried to rebuild their homes and find a job. There is some progress?

A: With the help of Our Lord and the help of the Church in Need, many houses have been restored again throughout the Nineveh Plain, but the work is not available to everyone at this time.

We must especially thank SIT for the work they are doing: they supported our primary school in Bartella and also our nursery in Qaraqosh, they helped the children to offer them milk and diapers, as well as the church that is also suffering. to educate their homes in both Bartella and Qaraqosh…

3. There are quite impressive testimonies of how the situation was, is there a story that has surprised you a lot?

A: On the night of July 23, 2014, I was in Tilkef, they called me to tell me that ISIS is on the border of the country, at that moment I began to pray to Our Lady to get along better than to be in the hands of these people. At midnight the village priest approached us to take us all together to the church because all the Christians had fled, we were the nuns and the priest with the young people who protected the church stayed. The next day they took us to Alqosh another Christian village that at least had electricity and water, on August 4 they killed a deacon from Tilkef at that moment we understood that we could not return to our convent … They were heavy and painful days to find people without electricity and water in the summer in Iraq that seems like hell, then left homeless without knowing if we could live the next day or if we would like to be killed.

4. How is the relationship between Arabs and Christians?

A: Christians in Iraq live in peace with all ethnic groups, not only Arabs, but also Yazidis with Kurds, as they believe that their God is the Lord in peace, the Lord who teaches love in the Gospel. God and neighbor.

5. Afghanistan is experiencing a nightmare, how do you think these latest events may affect Iraq?

A: I pray to the Good Jesus, who never left us in all that tribulation, that even today he will not leave us. Because humanity that says it wants to give us peace, its peace makes wars, instead the Lord Jesus is the only one who can change all things for the good of the people. Iraq is under the protection of Our Mother Mary, who always prays for her children.

6. Finally, what kind of help do you think Christians in Iraq need?

A: Iraqi Christians need prayers, only prayer can work miracles and change the stony heart of proud humanity into a heart that wants the good for all.