Christians in Mozambique tremble with fear caused by terrorists

The situation in Mozambique continues to worsen day by day. In recent events, a group of jihadists has killed two Christians and four others have been injured by several attacks carried out in nearby villages in the African country.

The attack took place on December 30, causing many families to flee in fear and terror that something bad would happen to them too. The attack was claimed by a local branch of the Islamic State terror group. For five years this criminal organization has carried out armed uprisings in various regions of the country and each time they have more strength in the area and the authorities do not take any measure to reduce or eliminate the excesses that terrorists have been developing against Christians.

According to information provided by ACN, the terrorists published photos of the houses on fire in the village of Namade, in the province of Cabo Delgado, on social networks. One of the two villages that were attacked. “They attacked and burned houses and there was a fight against the armed locals,” confirmed Brother Boaventura, a local missionary from the Institute of the Fraternity of the Poor of Jesus.

Referring to the village armed forces, ACN clarified that they are “made up of all kinds of people.” “They can be Catholic or not, Christian or not, practicing or not,” he added. It is one of the villages that coexist peacefully with Christians because they have a common culture and tradition.

The insurgency in northern Mozambique began in October 2017, with attacks in the Cabo Delgado province by what turned out to be an extremist Muslim militia now linked to Islamic State. The situation is getting worse and that means Christians have to flee if they don’t want to see their lives worsen.

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