More than 5 minutes – so how Poland supports the persecuted Christians

The first stage of the action MORE THAN 5 MINUTES was completed. It’s an initiative launched by the community “Trójka” assembling in the Trinitarian Brothers’ Home in Cracow.

As the part of this action we prayed for persecuted Christians – prayer vigils regularly took place in Trinitarian Chapel. 1000 wristbands with a motto: MORE THAN 5 MINUTES were distributed. We managed to raise 6862,52 zł (ca. 1634 €). All money was donated to help the persecuted Christians via SIT (Trinitarian International Solidarity).

We are happy with the positive reception. We didn’t expect such an enthusiastic response and interest not only from individuals but also from groups. We would especially like to thank St. John Paul II Parish in Siedlce, St. Ferdinand Parish in Livorno, Parish of Our Lady Queen of the World in Bielsko-Biała and COR High School in Bielsko-Biała for their sensitivity and good will. Among those who joined in our initiative were also those who not only supported it materially, but also distributed wristbands. Thanks to the action, we gained a regular contributors group, who regularly makes donations to support persecuted. For your generosity and kindness – thank you! Although the first stage of the action MORE THAN 5 MINUTES is over, the action is still ongoing. We are preparing another series of wristbands. We hope that more people will join us. As we will develop our initiative, we count on your help.

For those who don’t know – what’s the matter with our action?

MORE THAN 5 MINUTES is the name of the first action organized by the community “Trójka”. Community members meet regularly in the Trinitarian Brothers’ Home in Cracow.

Our goal is to provide real help to Christians who are persecuted and suffering for their faith.

Statistics are appaling. Christian dies for beliefs every 5 minutes

We believe that we can change it, that’s why:

  • We pray daily and encourage others to pray for the persecuted Christians, seeing in this a simple way to support them. Prayer is also an expression of solidarity and love for neighbor. It helps to remember.
  • We raise awareness of the plight of Christian suffering for their faith. We talk about it in our social environments: with family and friends, workmates and colleagues from school. We want others to see in statistics not only the numbers, but the lives and torments of particular people.
  • According to the Trinitarian spirit, we want the prayers and words to be put into action. Therefore, we try to help the repressed Christians materially. For this purpose we have created wristbands with motto: MORE THAN 5 MINUTES. The donation will be passed as an aid to the harmed Christians through the SIT. 

Together we can do more. Join us!

Start praying for persecuted Christians.

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