On the 18th of December, the IX Christmas Carols Contest was held by the students of the Trinitarian College of Cordoba and the Royal “Eduardo Lucena” Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, in the Parish of Ntra. Sra. de Gracia in the city of Córdoba. The purpose of the action was to raise funds for the charity project of the Trinitarian Centres, which consists in helping refugee children in the Nineveh Plain Kurdistan (Iraq). The proceeds will finance the purchase of milk and nappies for newly borns to 3 year-olds. The total collection for the event was 837 €.

The concert began with a word of thanks from the headmaster Father José Luis Obispoto the singing students, the orchestra and choir of the Royal Philharmonic Centre and the nearly three hundred attendees, for their effort and collaboration. Next, the 6th year Primary and 1st and 2nd Secondary students performed six popular Christmas carols led by the Centre’s two music teachers, Rafael Romero and Juan Enrique Redondo accompanied on the piano by Francisco J. Márquez. Later, it was the turn of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir that also delighted us with popular Cordoban Christmas carols, also directed by Rafael Romero. Finally, the performance concluded with the joint interpretation of the two groups, putting the final touch on the evening with the universal Christmas carol Silent night.

The show was very well received by the audience and the students enjoyed being musiciansfor a night, in front of the Cordoban public. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Juan Enrique Redondo Cantueso


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