For a long time people have been speaking about atrocities carried out by the Islamic State. An Islam taken to the extreme of fulfillment makes that the actions done by ISIS have their origin in the sacred book of the Islamic religion. If we are honest to our reflection, we must recognize that what this extremist Islamic group is carrying out is the letter of Koran to the extreme consequences.

Why are we saying this? Because if we don’t recognize the truth, it is very difficult to find solutions to the problems that come from these conflicts. So, in front of the evidence that exist between  the literal interpretation of Koran and the actions carried out by this armed group, it is evident and urgent a more actual and up to date interpretation of the book of Islam. The union between the Koran and the everyday life in the up to date reality and the basic Human Rights break the union between the Koran and the Islamic extremisms that were taken in other centuries and in other worlds.

In the middle of this debate, dramatic situations come out that show that we must eradicate a violent interpretation in all religions. We can prove that with the many projects that International SIT is carrying out. In all travels, we can see diverse forms of extreme Islam carried out by the self-dominated Islamic State. That is to say that the false interpretation of religion is united with violence.

People have spoken a lot about the forms of educating and catechizing by these Islamic groups, although, maybe, proves have not been discovered. SIT shows that these catecheses and teachings are good. For the extremist groups, the extreme teaching of Islam begins in the very first years of education, with the very basic concepts of teaching. To become familiar with the instruments of terror and death must always be present in the first formation of little children. All pedagogy must always be united to the extremist armed forms of terror. The abandoning or “failings” in their qualifications are always punished with the sufferings that these children will have in the future.

The fighting is not valid at all if we are educating for fighting. Speaking about peace  is not valid at all if we grow up in the middle of violence. We will have peace in the future if those who will live in the future know what this word means. If it is not so, nothing will strange us if we see that the books continue with images and examples of violence in order to educate children.

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