Meeting of the Executive Committee of SIT. Tuesday, April 30 – Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

The members of the Executive Committee of SIT and members of the Trinitarian Family spent the late morning and early afternoon of Tuesday visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, where Venerable Angela Autsch died while incarcerated by the National Socialist (Nazi) regime.

In the early evening, all participated in Mass in the chapel or the local community at which Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski of Cracow presided and numerous Trinitarian and Archdiocesan priests comcelebrated.  After Mass, the Archbishop joined all present for a special dinner in the monastery refectory.

On Wednesday, the Executive Committee of SIT met to discuss the following items:

The annual marketing program presented by the Trinitarian cloistered nuns of Suesa.

A review of the activities or SIT General for the years 2015-2019.

A book on the origins of the Order which will be prepared in four languages.

The week of prayer for persecuted Christians from October 17-23 each year.

A proposal which will presented at the General Chapter in June regarding SIT and its leadership in our legislation.

The Program and objectives of SIT General for 2019.

Financial activities or the past year.

The projects to be approved for 2019.

The contribution of each province and other jurisdictions for 2019.

The dates of the next meeting are April 18-22, 2020 in Rome.

SIT General presented Father General with a statue of St. John de Matha in gratitude for his leadership over the past twelve years.

Father General and the members of the Executive Committee thanked Fr. Antonio Aurelio for his leadership as President of SIT General for the past five years.

The members of the Executive Committee also expressed their gratitude to Fr. Gino Buccarello, the Minister Provincial of the St. John de Matha Province, as well as the Delegation of Poland-Austria, and especially Fr. Maciej Kowalski and the local community for their extraordinary work in organizing and facilitating the meetings, transportation and various events and liturgical celebrations.

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