Project for the Funding for the study of young boys and girl of the Poor Tea Garden workers who are persecuted by their Masters. 

HELP US (International Trinity Solidarity).

The category of this project includes the Christian young boys and girls who are persecuted and denied of their basic education in Assam, India on account of faith in Jesus.  A group of suffering people is found in the interior villages of Assam.   The workers, in the Tea garden, are people who forcefully brought away from their native soil and reduced to work as slaves in the Tea Garden.  Apart from the fewer wages they get from this garden, absolutely no other allowance are given to them.  The daily wages would not be sufficient for their daily sustenance.  The vast majority of these workers are Christians.  With the limited wages they receive, they can’t even dream about a home of their own. So that they are forced to stay in their master’s land and work like a slave.  Even they are not able to practice their faith properly due to miserable situation they live in. The Land Lords exploit them and pay very little wage for them, without considering their experience and work.  The same amount is paid for all, irrespective of their working experience. The work in the Tea Garden is not a permanent job. At any time they can be removed from there and the workers have no other choice to go back to their own homeland, therefore they are forced to be there in turmoil. The main tragedy is that the landlords are not Christians and they don’t want these poor people to practice their faith.  Another tragedy is that they can work only six months in a year and the rest of the time they are not able to find any other work.  The wage paid for them is unimaginable, not sufficient enough for their daily food.  The monthly income for them is Rs. 2, 240 .00 ( 32.00 Euro) .  Without any other option in front of them, they work like slaves and their children become so helpless to study.  There are thousands of children suffering in this level but we would like to help twenty five of them.  The children could be brought to our hostel and give them basic education and equip them to live better and bring them out from the slavery. 

Expected Result

The basic education will enable them to facilitate the living condition of their children. 

The social evil like slavery could be eradicated from these groups of people.  

The family and children can practice their faith provided better situation is given to them.

 Above all, these suffering brothers and sisters are Christians.

The expense for twenty five students:                12.500€

HELP US (International Trinity Solidarity)

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