The dire situation of Christians in Iraq does not end

The situation of persecuted Christians in Iraq is extremely worrying. In recent years, the Christian community in Iraq has been the victim of constant attacks by extremist jihadist groups, such as ISIS, which has led to a dramatic decline in its population in the country.

Christians in Iraq have suffered a wide range of abuses, including the destruction of churches and places of worship, physical violence, discrimination in employment and education, confiscation of property, and forced eviction from their homes.

Although the persecution of Christians in Iraq is not a new phenomenon, the situation has worsened significantly since the US-led invasion in 2003. The war and the resulting political instability have created a climate of violence and hatred that has been exploited by extremist groups to justify their actions.

In 2014, ISIS launched an offensive in northern Iraq, seizing control of vast areas of the territory and committing atrocities against the Christian population and other religious and ethnic minorities. Many Christians were killed or kidnapped, while others were forced to flee their homes and leave everything behind.

The international response has been largely inadequate. Although some countries have offered humanitarian aid to Christian refugees, the number of people who have been able to escape the violence is still very small compared to the magnitude of the problem.

The future of Christians in Iraq is uncertain. Many have lost hope that they will be able to return to their homes and rebuild their lives. Despite this, some Christian groups have resisted persecution and have continued their religious practices in secret, while others have chosen to leave the country and seek refuge elsewhere. Therefore, the intervention of the SIT is very necessary. The protection of human rights, including freedom of religion, must be a priority in all countries.

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