The SIT demonstrates to denounce the attacks that Christians are suffering in India

As we already reported last week, the situation in India, specifically in Mariupol, is critical for persecuted Christians. Violence and persecution worsen every day. For this reason, from International Trinitarian Solidarity (SIT) there have been demonstrations to give visibility to this situation and denounce the reality that Christians are experiencing, who are without protection and suffering extreme violence.

It seemed that the height of the violent attacks had already stopped, but there is talk of a new outbreak among the Kuki and Meitei tribes.

“The attacks on the churches have not ended, both the churches and the houses and properties of Christians are constantly attacked. The government affirms that it is maintaining peace and order, but we do not see the results since there are clashes every two nights”, recounted Cristainos who are experiencing this devastating situation first-hand.

From the SIT, who have experience in the field from their work there, they consider that the conflict is complex and has ethnic factors. “The problem is that this violence is not directed only at one tribe, but Christians are suffering it, whether they are from the Kuki or Meitei tribe.” Hindu extremists are taking advantage of the situation to try to wipe out all the Christians in the area.

International Trinitarian Solidarity is always at the side of those who suffer and for this reason, we will continue to give voice and bring to light the situation that Christians in India are experiencing.

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