Two Christians are arrested for evangelizing in Nepal

In Nepal, specifically in the city of Kathmandu, two Christians from the United States (USA) were evangelizing when they were detained by the police, according to information from Puertas Abiertas.

The agents took all their belongings and locked them in different cells so that they could not communicate. Fortunately, a group of Christian leaders managed to get them released after six hours and no complaint was filed against them since it was shown that they were not doing anything illegal.

Although Nepal is no longer officially a Hindu state, most of the Christian persecution in Nepal comes from radical Hindu groups who want the country to return to Hinduism. Many of the Christians in Nepal are converts from Hinduism, and these converts experience significant pressure from their families and communities. If a family discovers that a member is a Christian, the convert may be thrown out of their family home or even violently attacked. Laws against conversion and destruction and the forced closing of churches also limit religious freedom.

In Nepal, Christians constitute a religious minority and are generally free to practice their faith. However, in the past there have been some reports of discrimination and persecution at the local level, although these have diminished in recent years as greater religious tolerance has not yet died out entirely. In general, Christians in Nepal are active in society and participate in various religious communities and activities, making them more exposed to radical groups trying to curb the country’s new religious freedom.

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