El Presidente de la Conferencia Episcopal de Paquistán ha escrito una carta al SIT-General, ante los terribles atentados surgidos allí

Dear Fr. Antonio Aurelio,

Thank you for your sympathy and good wishes.

This time the terrorists did not attack a school or church. They chose a place where there was very little security. In the public park there were Christians and also many Muslims. About 45 Christians were killed, but also about 30 Muslims, and more than 200 were injured, some of them very badly.

Please pray for those who are injured and are in hospitals.  Some families have lost children, or mothers or fathers.  It is very sad, but we must not lose Hope.
We need the help of all our friends in Europe.  You, the Trinitarian Fathers, do not forget those who suffer for their faith.

Sincerely in Jesus Christ our Risen Lord
Mons. Joseph Coutts

Mons Coutts

Mons Coutts

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