SIT continues its great work in South Sudan

The brewing civil war in Sudan threatens to end the fragile political stability of South Sudan. “Sudan was on paper much more stable, Khartoum had grown to the level of the great African capitals,” says Antonio Aurelio Fernández, president of Solidaridad Internacional Trinidad, with the accumulated experience of two decades of supporting Catholic missions in both countries. The Independent has collected our testimony and how is the situation in South Sudan since the experience in the country has made us aware of what is happening there.

Meanwhile, South Sudan tries to build its future by abandoning a tribal, nomadic society with enormous deprivations. “When we first came, Yirol was nothing,” recalls Juan Orbaneja, president of Amsudan, the Spanish NGO that since 2005 has financially supported the construction of schools and reception centers in the State of Lagos.

Yirol is now a growing population, with a much larger market than a decade ago, when the only thing that could be bought on the black market was food dropped from planes by international humanitarian agencies, recalls Marta Arnús, another of the pioneers of Amsudan.

Since then they have financially supported the construction of fifteen schools and adult training centers, 15 water wells and shelters for children in this state. The State of Lagos is today the most stable in the country, the result of the heavy-handed policy of Governor Rin Tueny Mabor. In an extremely poor country where firearms have proliferated, Mabor has imposed his particular vision of the Law of Retaliation. “If you kill, he will kill you” repeat the residents of cities like Rumbek or Yirol.

A heavy-handed policy that has managed to put an end to tribal fights between Dinka and Nuer, endemic in the country, as recognized by Deborha, a “peace worker” who has dedicated her entire life to mediating between the two tribes. It has not ended, however, with endemic corruption, the other great evil in the country.

Information collected by El Independiente

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