Tension in Ukraine: Christians suffer abuse under Russian occupation

Amid the Russian military occupation of Ukraine, Christians are facing serious abuses, including torture, attacks on their churches and the removal of religious leaders, Christian Post has learned.

In response to this situation, United States politicians have raised their voices. In a letter addressed to House Speaker Mike Johnson, a group of Republicans, including Richard Land, former chairman of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, denounced the actions of the Russian military. According to the letter, Vladimir Putin’s leaders are attacking retired Christian pastors on the accusation of not being supporters of the pro-Russian regime.

Steven Moore, former chief of staff to former Republican Rep. Pete Roskam of Illinois and founder of the Ukraine Freedom Project, commented: “Evangelical Republicans need to be aware of this. People who worship God are being tortured and murdered by their faith. The Russians are repressing hundreds of thousands of Christians in the occupied territories. Moore added that many Christians consider the current occupation to be worse than the Soviet era.

In relation to the difficult situation in Ukraine, some Christian associations have launched a campaign to provide support to Christians in that country. The campaign aims to provide vital assistance to religious communities affected by the ongoing military occupation but is proving ineffective in achieving the safety of Christians in Ukraine.

The situation in Ukraine continues to be a subject of international concern, especially with regard to the security and religious freedom of its citizens, particularly those who practice the Christian faith in a context of years-long armed conflict and foreign occupation.

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