The Western news agenda forgets persecuted Christians

Faced with the situation of persecuted Christians: deaths, burned churches, rapes, insults… the Western media look the other way. Specifically, more than 360 million Christians are persecuted and discriminated against for their faith, one in seven in the world, one in five in Africa, two in five in Asia and one in 15 in Latin America. The ten countries where Christians suffer the most persecution are North Korea, Somalia, Yemen, Eritrea, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Sudan.

Therefore, there are many people who suffer this persecution and there are many countries in which it occurs, which is why it is relevant and should be a topic on the information agenda of all the media. The data, however, does not provoke the reaction of any government or international organization, nor minutes of silence or mass kneeling at football or NBA games. Christian lives, according to the official silence, are worth less to the West, which looks the other way even though the killings are common. The latest occurred a few weeks ago in the Congo, where 72 Christians, including a priest, were killed by the Islamic State. According to the Kivu Security Barometer, this terrorist group has been responsible for 3,375 deaths in the Congo since 2017. In Nigeria, a neighboring country, 3,000 Christians are killed every year.

The United States Department of Defense estimates that Afghanistan has once again become an international terrorist coordination center in the two years that it has been under the return to power of the Taliban, unable to stop the resurgence of the Islamic State jihadist organization. Every time the Islamist terrorist groups are getting stronger and the most vulnerable are still the persecuted Christians.

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