Two Christians have been stripped naked and murdered in India

The situation of Christians in India remains catastrophic. In this month of September two young Christian women have been stripped naked and murdered. According to information obtained by the SIT, two Christian women were stripped naked while a mob of men harassed and beat them mercilessly. Tragically, the youngest, just 19, was brutally gang-raped by the angry mob, which included members of the Meitei, i.e. Hindu, tribe.

Meanwhile, four police officers witnessed the attack without intervening. In one video, members of the Meitei tribal group can be heard shouting: “If you don’t take off your clothes, we will kill you.” The women are then groped, slapped and beaten in public. The women are heard begging for mercy while they do not stop sobbing and moaning in anguish. While the mob publicly raped her youngest woman, her brother and her father tried to protect her from her but were murdered.

Some survivors of this nightmare have stated that it was the fault of the police officers who took them to the center of the mob of crazed Hindus. While they were escaping from a nearby town devastated by the same tribe. Seeking safety, the women and three other people encountered police officers, who offered them help, but tragically left them in the hands of the violent mob.

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