Converting from Islam to Christianity is life threatening in Europe

According to the report prepared by the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ), converting from Islam to Christianity poses very dangerous risks. France stands out as the “most difficult and generally dangerous country for a Muslim to leave his religion.” Although other countries such as England, Belgium, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are presenting similar crimes.

“The vast majority of people who leave Islam to join Christianity experience family and community persecution that varies greatly in intensity, from contempt to violence,” the report details. Generally it is an intra-family persecution that later becomes community, even reaching social networks. It also indicates that violent attacks against converts at the time of announcing their conversion range from “contempt and verbal aggression” to expulsion from the family, forced marriages of minors, lynchings, and even murders.

“Some Islamists carry out intimidation and intelligence campaigns to seek out and suppress converts. Therefore, it can happen that a convert is discovered and threatened, assaulted or even killed by an Islamist he did not even know, “says the study.

It is true that sharia law is not in force in Europe, but the report reveals that if the Islamic communities are large and even coexist in certain areas or neighborhoods of France, they can apply it among themselves: “certain provisions of sharia law can be apply in practice if a local Muslim community is sufficiently large and radicalized”.

This report reveals that the persecution of Christians does not occur only in countries in Africa or the Middle East, but in Europe the reality of persecuted Christians is still fully valid today.

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