Growing tensions: Persecution of Christian schools and arrest of priest in India

We begin this weekly chronicle focused on the persecution of Christians in India, a country that has historically been the scene of episodes of harassment towards the Christian community by Hindu fundamentalists.

Recently, two new incidents have been recorded, both directed against Christian educational institutions. In the first case, a mission school in Tripura received threats from members of the Hindu Jagran Manch and Sanatani Dharma, who demanded the forced performance of a Hindu ritual.

In the second attack, Christian schools were threatened to close their chapels and remove any Christian symbols, including the religious clothing of priests, nuns, and religious men. The threat came from a Hindu group identified as Kutumba Surakshya Parishad.

Satya Ranjan Borah, leader of this Hindu sect, told the media: “Christian missionaries are converting schools and educational institutions into religious centers to carry out conversion activities. We will not allow it.”

In the face of these provocations, the Archbishop of Guwahati, Monsignor John Moolachira, urged the government to provide protection, stating: “If the government does not protect us, we will not be able to continue as before. Regarding our religious clothing and statues, we will not give in to these groups that did not pose any problems before.

Bishop Lumen Monteiro, Bishop of Agartala in Tripura, highlighted the selfless work of the Catholic Church in the diocese and stated: “We will not give in to any of these groups that try to restrict our mission of service without discrimination of caste or creed through education”.

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