Numerous families have been expelled from Laos for their faith in Christ

The latest events take us to Laos, Asia. Despite the fact that according to national law, the Asian country is free of religion; the Buddhist majority and the numerous pressures towards the Christian communities seem to be the opposite.

As reported by Radio Free Asia: Currently, there are families who have been expelled from the areas where they lived and have nowhere to stay. The authorities have tried to negotiate with the people to encourage them to live together in harmony, but these efforts have not been successful, a Christian unrelated to the case told the Laotian service of FRG on 7 February, on condition of anonymity for security reasons. Therefore, Christian families are far from their homes because they do not process the Buddhist religion. Another case of violence against Christians who do not find justice or safety in the relevant authorities.

“Today the officials from the office of the Lao Front for National Development here in Luang Namtha province and other related sectors summoned the Christian families and the village leader to try to resolve the conflict between them, but there is no progress. ”, affirms that same source. As uncertainty continues as to what the authorities will do, families remain homeless.

The incident was the latest in a series of similar attacks and legal actions against Christians in this one-party communist state with a predominantly Buddhist population.

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